Topic: Being Alive.
Sub Topic: Animal Babies
Animals and humans have babies. Some have just one baby, and some have lots of babies. Some lay eggs and their "babies" hatch, and the parents usually take care of their babies. Warm blooded animals are called mammals, like humans, and they produce their own milk to feed their babies. Even insects have babies.

So now you have seen many different animals and their young, or babies. Did you notice that these babies born to animals are able to walk, run, play, eat by themselves at a much earlier age and us humans do. Can you think why this is?

I am sure you have really loved looking at these videos and seeing the baby animals. In nature it is always best to leave the young babies with their mothers, and not bring them home to have as a pet. This is because each animal mother knows just what is best for her own baby, but occasionally a parent is killed and the babies are left helpless and unable to care for themselves. This is when, with your parents help. you can make a special place to keep the baby animal. You will have to look at the animal, and decide what would be the best nursery to make for your baby animal. You can choose any kind of baby animal you would like to make a nursery for, then upload a picture of what you have created. A baby sleeps in a nursery.